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Aaron - a Hebrew high priest, and the older brother of Moses.

Aaron's Rod - Aaron: the enlightened; a seer or initiate. The rod, or wand, with a serpent twined around it, which was used in the mosaic ceremony of initiation; appears to have contained the sacred fire. Now commonly employed as an emblem signifying a physician; similar to the caduceus (q.v.) of Hermes, Aaron, the first high priest, brother of Moses the law-giver, belonged to the tribe of Levi, symbolized in the sign Sagittarius; religion, prophecy. v. Tribes of Israel.

Ab - the fifth month of the Hebrew year. Begins with the August lunation. v. Calendar, Jewish.

Abbadon (Hebrew) - the bottomless pit; place of the lost in Sheol; the abyss of hell. Apollyon (Greek) the angel of the bottomless pit (Rev. 9:11). Perhaps a prophetic illusion to the planet Pluto.

abductee - a human being who is taken by Extraterrestrials. (Many abductees have reported being transported to space ships for the purpose of conducting human experiments).

abduction - the act of taking human beings by Extraterrestrials. (Also see abductee).

aberration - the sighting of a subtle body or thing in unexpected circumstances.

Aberration (Astron) - a slight alteration in the apparent position of a star, caused by the motion of the Earth in its orbit and the effect of that motion on the time required for the light of the star to reach the Earth. The motion of the Earth across a ray of light causes a slight apparent change of direction, which altered angle is called the aberration of light - and to this is due the aberration of the star. The effect is that each star appears annually to describe a minute circle, of about 40.5" diameter, which runs parallel to the Earth's diameter.

Abracadabra - a mystic word or collocation of letters, which if worn on an amulet was supposed to ward off, among other ills, a fever. Origin of word unknown. Abraxas, the same, engraved on a gem.

abreaction - the releasing of psychic tension through the resolution of a repressed traumatic experience.

Abscission - L. Abscissio; "to cut off." v. Frustration.

absent healing - healing directed to a person distant from the healer. The healer delivers the information about the person by thought.

abyss - bottomless or anything too deep for measurement.

Accidental Ascendant - a device employed by Evangeline Adams whereby to draw Horary interpretations from a natal Figure. In applying this method one determines the Ascendant for the moment the question is propounded, and rotates the Figure until this degree occupies the East point.

Accidental Dignity - v. Dignities.

A Course in Miracles - the channeled teachings of Jesus psychically received by Helen Schucman during the period of 1965 through 1972.

Acronycal - said of the rising after sunset, or setting before sunrise, of a planet that is in opposition to the Sun, hence in a favorable position for astronomical observation.

Acronycal Place - the degree the planet will occupy when it is in opposition to the Sun.

Active Influence - that which results from an aspect between two or more astrological factors or sensitive points, thereby producing the action that can materialize in an event.


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