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Baal (Lord) - among the Phoenicians the chief male divinity who appears to have symbolized the Sun, more particularly the Sun in Taurus. Baal was worshipped in agricultural festivals as the god of fertility of soil and increase of flocks. In successive periods of the history of the ancient Semitic races, the name was assigned to innumerable local deities. The Baal of Tyre was introduced among the Israelite settlers by Ahab. Hannibal was so named because he was supposed to be in favor with Baal.

Babel, Tower of - a temple dedicated to the study of the planets, which were supposed to divulge the secrets of life and guide human destiny.

Babylon  - an ancient Semitic city in the Euphrates valley, which after 2250 B.C., as the capital of Babylonia, became a center of world commerce and of the arts and sciences, its life marked by luxury and magnificence. The city in which they built the Tower of Babel, its location coincides approximately with that of the modern city of Baghdad - now the center of a vast agricultural community. The Babylonians attached great importance to the motions of the planets, accurately fixed their orbits and worked out tables of the phases of the Moon, whereby eclipses could be correctly predicted. Their great astrological work, "The Illumination of Bel," was compiled within the period of 2100-1900 B.C.. From fragments of the tablets of another astrological work which has been preserved, it is found that their calendar began with March 21; and its twelve divisions, and their names, give evidence of astrological significance. Their story of the deluge closely parallels that of the Bible, and the location of their Mount Nisir (Mount of Refuge) is seemingly that of Mt. Ararat, where the ark stranded. Their Hanging Gardens were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. From what remains of their literature, it appears that with the rise of astrology there arose a wave of fatalism which, however, later gave way to a doctrine of self-determination - the belief that the stars impel but do not compel. Babylon is generally conceded to have been the cradle of astrology. It was overthrown in 539 A.D., by Xerxes, the Persian.

Babylonian - an astrologer: so-called because the Babylonians were famed for their knowledge of Astrology.

Bach Flower Remedies - Homeopathic treatment developed by Edward Bach (1886-1936).

backward displacement - ESP responses preceding the intended targets.

Baha'i - A way of life originating in Persia during the 19th century, stressing radical monotheism, prophets, and scriptures.

Bailey, Alice - English-born occultist and New Age prophet, founder of Arcana, School of Esoteric Studies, Full Moon Meditation (1880-1949).

band - Each person attracts spirit entities who may attend them according to their needs and backgrounds. It is said bands may include: a master teacher, American Indian(s), a healing doctor, a guide, a gatekeeper, teachers, counselors, seers and others according to the personality attraction of the subject. It is generally accepted the guide may have the strongest relationship and may stay for the lifetime of the person.

bardo - The after-life reality through which we travel as we process our life review, confronting emotional situations and unfinished business to see if we have sufficiently released seeds of karma to be freed from their influence.

Barefoot Shiatsu - Macrobiotic massage developed by Shizuko Yamamoto as a response to the Western condition requiring a more rigorous style of treatment.

Bark paintings - Mythical scenes depicted on trees by Australian aborigines.

Barren Signs - Gemini, Leo and Virgo. The Moon in Sagittarius, and Aquarius is also said to signify a tendency toward barrenness. v. Signs: Barren and Fertile.

BCE - Before Common or Christian Era: Dating system used by anthropologists and historians replacing the use of BC (before Christ).

beamship - Specific type of UFO.

Beholding Signs - those which have the same declination; i.e., at equal distances from the Tropics; as Aries and Virgo, Taurus and Leo, Gemini and Cancer, Libra and Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Because such pairs of Signs were either both Northern, or both Southern, they were by Ptolemy deemed to be "of equal power." This consideration, however, applied only when two such Signs were joined by a body in each, mutually configurated.


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