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Cabbon - as though understanding 

Cabul - displeasing; dirty 

Caiphas - he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth 

Cain - possession - or possessed 

Cainan - possessor; purchaser 

Calah - favorable; opportunity 

Calcol - nourishing 

Caleb - a dog; a crow; a basket 

Caleb-Ephratah - see Ephratah 

Calneh - our consummation 

Calno - our consummation; altogether himself 

Calvary - the place of a skull 

Camon - his resurrection 

Cana - zeal; jealousy; possession 

Canaan - merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues 

Candace - who possesses contrition 

Capernaum - the field of repentance; city of comfort 

Caphtor - a sphere - buckle - or hand 

Cappadocia - the same as Caphtor 

Carcas - the covering of a lamb 

Charchemish - a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn 

Careah - bald; ice 

Carmel - circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn 

Carmi - my vineyard; lamb of the waters 

Carpus - fruit; fruitful 

Carshena - a lamb; sleeping 

Casiphia - money; covetousness 

Casluhim - hopes of life 

Cause and Effect, Cosmic Law of  - The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is also a Universal Law. It governs all manifested life and matter. Desired results can be produced when one uses this law with conscious effort always weighing what the final outcome will be.

Cause and Effect, Universal Law of - The Universal Law of Cause and Effect, also know as the Law of Karma, states that every cause has its' effect and every effect has its' cause.

Cedron - black; sad

Cenchrea - millet; small pulse 

Cephas - a rock or stone 

Cesar - a name applied to those who are cut out of the womb 

Chalcol - who nourishes - consumes - and sustains the whole 

Chaldea - as demons - or as robbers 

Charran - a singing or calling out 

Chebar - force or strength 

Chedorlaomer - roundness of a sheaf 

Chelal - as night 

Chelub - a basket 

Chelluh - all 

Chelubai - he altogether against me 

Chemarims - black ones 

Chemosh - handling; stroking; taking away 

Chenaanah - broken in pieces 

Chenani - my pillar 

Chenaniah - preparation - or disposition - or strength - of the Lord 

Chephirah - a little lioness 

Cheran - anger 

Cherethims - Cherethites - who cut or tear away 

Cherith - cutting; piercing; slaying 



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