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Ebal - ancient heaps 

Ebed - a servant; laborer 

Ebed-melech - the king's servant 

Eben-ezer - the stone of help 

Eber - one that passes; anger 

Ebiasaph - a father that gathers or adds 

Ebronah - passage over; being angry 

Ecclesiastes - a preacher 

Ed - witness 

Eden - pleasure; delight 

Eder - a flock 

Edom - red - earthy; of blood 

Edrei - a very great mass - or cloud 

Eglah - heifer; chariot; round 

Eglaim - drops of the sea 

Eglon - same as Eglah 

Egypt - that troubles or oppresses; anguish 

Ehud - he that praises 

Eker - barren - feeble 

Ekron - barrenness; torn away 

Eladah - the eternity of God 

Elah - an oak; a curse; perjury 

Elam - a young man; a virgin; a secret 

Elasah - the doings of God 

Elath - a hind; strength; an oak 

El-beth-el - the God of Bethel 

Eldaah - knowledge of God 

Eldad - favored of God; love of God 

Elead - witness of God 

Elealeh - burnt-offering of God 

Eleazar - help of God - court of God 

El-elohe-Israel - God - the God of Israel 

Eleph - learning 

Elhanan - grace - or gift - or mercy of God 

Eli - the offering or lifting up 

Eli - Eli - my God - my God 

Eliab - God is my father; God is the father 

Eliada - knowledge of God 

Eliah - God the Lord 

Eliahba - my God the Father 

Eliakim - resurrection of God 

Eliam - the people of God 

Elias - same as Elijah 

Eliasaph - the Lord increaseth 

Eliashib - the God of conversion 

Eliathah - thou art my God 

Elidad - beloved of God 

Eliel - God - my God 

Elienai - the God of my eyes 

Eliezer - help - or court - of my God 



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