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Gaal - contempt; abomination

Gaash - tempest; commotion

Gabbai - the back

Gabbatha - high; elevated

Gabriel - God is my strength

Gad - a band; a troop

Gadarenes - men of Gadara - i.e. - a place surrounded or walled

Gaddi - my troop; a kid

Gaddiel - goat of God; the Lord my happiness

Gaius - lord; an earthly man

Galal - a roll - a wheel

Galatia - white; the color of milk

Galeed - the heap of witness

Galilee - wheel; revolution

Gallim - who heap up; who cover

Gallio - who sucks - or lives on milk

Gamaliel - recompense of God; camel of God

Gammadims - dwarfs

Gamul - a recompense

Gareb - a scab

Garmites - men of Garmi - ie. - bones - or - my cause

Gatam - their lowing; their touch

Gath - a wine-press

Gath-rimmon - the high wine-press

Gaza - strong; a goat

Gazabar - a treasurer

Gazer - a dividing; a sentence

Gazez - a passing over

Gazzam - the fleece of them

Geba - a hill; cup

Gebal - bound; limit

Geber - manly - strong

Gebim - grasshoppers; height

Gedaliah - God is my greatness

Geder - Gederah - Gederoth - a wall

Gederothaim - hedges

Gehazi - valley of sight

Geliloth - rolling - wheel - heap

Gemalli - wares; a camel

Gemariah - accomplishment or perfection of the Lord

Gender, Cosmic Law of - The Cosmic Law of Gender manifests itself in the Male and Female through the Masculine and Feminine energy of the Conscious and Subconscious. Both creative energies are unable to function as a whole without the help of the other.

Gennesaret - garden of the prince

Genesis - beginning

Genubath - theft; robbery

Gera - pilgrimage - combat; dispute

Gerar - same as Gera

Gergesenes - those who come from pilgrimage or fight

Gerizim - cutters - hatchets

Gershom - a stranger here

Gershon - his banishment; the change of pilgrimage

Geshur - Geshuri - sight of the valley; a walled valley


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