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Laadah - to assemble together; to testify; passing over

Laadan - for pleasure; devouring; judgment

Laban - white; shining; gentle; brittle

Labana - the moon; whiteness; frankincense

Lachish - who walks - or exists - of himself

Lael - to God; to the mighty

Lahad - praising; to confess

Lahairoi - who liveth and seeth me

Lahmam - their bread; their war

Lahmi - my bread; my war

Laish - a lion

Lamech - poor; made low

Laodicea - just people

Lapidoth - enlightened; lamps

Lasea - thick; wise

Lashah - to call; to anoint

Law, Cosmic - The Cosmic Laws are "Higher Laws" in the great structure of Life. Even the highest Master and the highest Beings knew this, as they bowed to the inescapable Laws.

Law of Attraction, Universal - The Universal Law of Attraction states that we attract what we put our attention on.

Law of Cause and Effect, Cosmic - The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is also a Universal Law. It governs all manifested life and matter. Desired results can be produced when one uses this law with conscious effort always weighing what the final outcome will be.

Law of Cause and Effect, Universal - The Universal Law of Cause and Effect, also know as the Law of Karma, states that every cause has its' effect and every effect has its' cause.

Law of Compensation, Universal - The Universal Law of Compensation states that by using the Law of Cause and Effect properly, blessings are bestowed on us in the form of abundance, joy, peace and prosperity.

Law of Correspondence, Cosmic - The Cosmic Law of Correspondence enables one to operate on a higher plane of intuition and discernment.

Law of Creative Action, Universal - The Universal Law of Creative Action states that in order to manifest our wishes, hopes, and dreams in this world, we must engage and take the action which supports our thoughts and words.

Law of Gender, Cosmic - The Cosmic Law of Gender manifests itself in the Male and Female through the Masculine and Feminine energy of the Conscious and Subconscious. Both creative energies are unable to function as a whole without the help of the other.

Law of Good Will, Universal - The Universal Law of Good Will states that we are concerned with the welfare of others and World Peace.

Law of Gratitude, Universal - The Universal Law of Gratitude states that the more we give, the more we are grateful for, the more we will receive.

Law of Empowerment, Universal - The Universal Law of Empowerment states that our Creator empowered us with the gift of Free Will.

Law of Forgiveness, Universal - The Universal Law of Forgiveness states that we cannot purify ourselves as long as we harbor negative feelings of hate, anger, criticism, and intolerance towards others.

Law of Love, Universal - The Universal Law of Love states that we must recognize and accept the fact that Love is our true nature.

Law of Mind, Cosmic - The Cosmic Law of Mind, or Mentalism as it is sometimes referred to, is the realm of God. "The All" is the Infinite Living Mind and the Universe which He created is all Mental.

Law of Oneness, Universal - The Universal Law of Oneness states that the Lord our God is ONE and all moves and has its being within Him.

Law of Polarity, Cosmic - The Cosmic Law of Polarity relates that everything is Dual, everything has poles, and everything has its pair of opposites. This Law makes movement possible.

Law of Reincarnation, Universal - The Univerasl Law of Reincarnation, also know as the Law of Death and Rebirth, states that our soul will cyclically return to Earth, or to other planes, until we free ourselves of our negative Karma.

Law of Rhythm and Cycles, Cosmic - The Universal Cosmic Law of Rhythm and Cycles is observed in the continuous cycles of life, death, and the re-birth of all things. It is directly tied to the Universal Law of Reincarnation.

Law of Vibration, Cosmic - The Universal Cosmic Law of  Vibration dictates that nothing is at rest, everything moves, everything vibrates.

Law of Vibration, Universal - The Universal Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in a circular motion.

Law, Universal - The Universal Laws, also referred to as the Spiritual Laws, or Laws of Nature, are the unchanging principles that rule our entire Universe.

Lazarus - assistance of God

Leah - weary; tired

Lebanon - white - incense

Lebaoth - lividness

Lebbeus - a man of heart; praising; confessing

Lebonah - same as Labana

Lehabim - flames; inflamed; swords

Lehi - jawbone

Lekah - walking; going

Lemuel - God with them - or him

Leshem - a name; putting; a precious stone

Letushim - hammermen; filemen

Leummim - countries; without water

Levi - associated with him

Libnah - white; whiteness

Libni - same as Libnah

Libya - the heart of the sea; fat

Linus - net

Lo-ammi - not my people

Lod - nativity; generation

Lois - better

Lo-ruhamah - not having obtained mercy; not pitied

Lot - Lotan - wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin

Love, Universal Law of - The Universal Law of Love states that we must recognize and accept the fact that Love is our true nature.

Lubin - heart of a man; heart of the sea

Lucas - Lucius - luminous; white

Lucifer - bringing light

Lud - Ludim - same as Lod

Luhith - made of boards

Luke - luminous; white

Luz - separation; departure; an almond

Lycaonia - she-wolf

Lydda - Lydia - a standing pool

Lysanias - that drives away sorrow

Lysias - dissolving

Lysimachus - scattering the battle

Lystra - that dissolves or disperses





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