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Obadiah - servant of the Lord 

Obal - inconvenience of old age 

Obed - a servant; workman 

Obed-edom - servant of Edom 

Obil - that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed 

Oboth - dragons; fathers; desires 

Ocran - a disturber; that disorders 

Oded - to sustain - hold or lift up 

Og - a cake; bread baked in ashes 

Ohad - praising; confessing 

Ohel - tent; tabernacle; brightness 

Olympas - heavenly 

Omar - he that speaks; bitter 

Omega - the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O 

Omri - sheaf of corn 

On - pain; force; iniquity 

Onam - Onan - same as On 

Oneness, Universal Law of - The Universal Law of Oneness states that the Lord our God is ONE and all moves and has its being within Him.

Onesimus - profitable; useful 

Onesiphorus - who brings profit 

Ono - grief or strength or iniquity of him 

Ophel - a tower; darkness; small white cloud 

Ophir - fruitful region 

Ophni - wearisomeness; folding together 

Ophrah - dust; lead; a fawn 

Oreb - a raven 

Ornan - that rejoices 

Orpah - the neck or skull 

Oshea - same as Joshua 

Othni - my time; my hour 

Othniel - the hour of God 

Ozem - that fasts; their eagerness 

Ozias - strength from the Lord 

Ozni - an ear; my hearkening 




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